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Executive-in-Residence Program

U.S. Growth Funds is actively seeking candidates for our Executive-in-Residence Program.  This program is part of our active and on-going effort to surround ourselves with the best and brightest talent in the business.  

The USGF Executive-in-Residence program offers three primary avenues for skillful executives to partner with us, play a meaningful role in the development of targeted portfolio companies and share in the upside.  These avenues include:

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Acquisition Pods:
Some of our best investment ideas and opportunities have come from successful executives seeking a partner to bring their boldest entrepreneurial dreams to reality.   If you have an attractive acquisition plan or strategy, we would love to speak with you. 

During our initial discussion, candidates seeking support for their acquisition strategy should be prepared to discuss the following:

  • Your background and experience as a CEO,
  • The sector you want to pursue acquisitions in and what makes the sector attractive,
  • Your acquisition criteria or the characteristics you plan to seek in acquisition candidates,
  • List of potential acquisition targets within the sector, and
  • Generalized post-acquisition strategy and business model.

If after an initial conversation we are interested in pursuing your investment idea, we will request that you submit a brief resume or biography and short written plan describing the acquisition sector you would like to pursue, accompanied with your post-acquisition strategy.

Besides bringing the capital and credibility needed to execute your strategy, our experienced acquisition team provides extensive negotiation, M&A and legal guidance to assist with the sourcing, evaluation, due diligence and documentation processes. 

We also provide you with interim financial and administrative support during the search process.  In turn, you will serve on our staff of Resident Advisors, contributing value-added operating experience to select USGF portfolio companies, during your tenure leading a USGF Acquisition Pod.   If you are interested in discussing our Executive-in-Residence program, please Contact Us.

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Advisory Director Roles:
We are actively seeking Advisory Directors with extensive career experience and contacts in our Target Industries & Situations.  Our ideal candidates include recently retired CEO’s and senior executives with extensive experience in operations, manufacturing, process, sales, marketing and retail.  Advisory Directors are appointed by USGF, to serve on the boards of our portfolio companies.  They earn a carried equity ownership interest in the companies they advise, and in some situations, Advisory Directors may also have the opportunity to make direct investments in the companies they advise.   

USGF Advisory Directors attend monthly portfolio company board meetings and are available to consult with management during the interim.  Availability and latitude to travel on short notice when necessary to aide their management teams, or make strategic introductions is highly desirable.  USGF regularly consults with existing and potential new Advisory Directors during the analysis, valuation and due diligence of new portfolio company acquisitions.    

Because our Advisory Directors are typically owners, through their carried interest, USGF portfolio company boards typically play a much more hands on, active role and tend to be much smaller than most boards.  Typically, USGF portfolio company boards are comprised of no more than five voting members.  The directors of USGF portfolio companies receive a steady flow of company data.  Each board member knows exactly what we want to get out of the organization, is expected to have strong points of view, to ask the challenging questions, and to be fairly matter-of-fact about taking the steps necessary to achieve these goals. We are admittedly less interested in fostering diverse opinions on our boards than getting the right skill set and experience in place to achieve our objectives. This full alignment and clarity of purpose is fundamental to our adeptness at making sound decisions and achieving superior returns.  If you are interested in discussing our Executive-in-Residence program, please Contact Us.

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Resident Advisory Roles:
USGF maintains close contacts with active CEOs, COOs, CFOs, and other top executives interested in serving as long-term consultants advisors to our portfolio companies. 

Resident Advisors are generally industry experts in one of our Targeted Industries & Situations, or functional generalists with non-industry specific expertise.  We are most attracted to executives with a strong knowledge of a specific customer base, product knowledge, manufacturing, or operating processes. We are looking for talent who can provide specific assistance that helps us increase the value of our existing portfolio company investments.  If you are interested in discussing our Executive-in-Residence program, please Contact Us.

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