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Community Support

Commitment to community is a central tenant in the U.S. Growth Funds philosophy.  Life balance and evidence of “commitment to something greater than self ” are strongly encouraged at all levels.  The companies we acquire often have a long history of deep community involvement.  USGF is respectful of those pre-existing community relationships and often continues to provide financial support and leadership resources to those that make a meaningful difference.  

Fund Partners, as well as Management Partners, at USGF Portfolio Companies are encouraged to dedicate a meaningful part of their personal time in community service.  USGF provides financial support to the community based and national non-profit organizations that our partners and employees choose to support with their time.

The extent of personal involvement by USGF employees is a critical determining factor in all charitable contributions approved by the USGF contributions committee.  In addition, USGF fund partners are encouraged to contribute a meaningful portion of any gains realized during major liquidity events from the sale of investment assets.  Consequently, our most meaningful charitable contributions are typically event driven, and somewhat sporadic.




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