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Background & Philosophy

Founded in 1992, U.S. Growth Funds is a small group of passionate professionals who insist on committing senior-level attention to every transaction.  Our backgrounds were honed as CEO’s and M&A professionals at major financial institutions in every facet of capital markets. 

From the outset, we built U.S. Growth Funds on a foundation of true teamwork.  Our decision-making is consensus-based and each deal team consists of 3-5 experienced professionals, at least two of which join each portfolio company’s board of directors. Unlike the partners at many other private equity firms who often work independently and even compete for resources, all of our portfolio companies have broad access to our resources and our entire team of experienced professionals. 

Our investment strategy yields one of the highest partner-to-investment ratios in the industry and ensures that our companies and management partners get the attention and support they deserve.  As board members and shareholders, we focus on developing strategy; identifying and advising on acquisitions; optimizing balance sheet capitalizations; structuring incentive compensation; and recruiting senior management talent. 

We are committed to:

    • Be optimistic in outlook with flexible, quick, non-bureaucratic responsiveness,
    • Be transparent and creative in our thought processes,
    • Work as a team, both internally and with our portfolio companies,
    • Make a relatively small number of new investments each year, executing each exceedingly well, and
    • Demonstrate the discipline and work ethic to help management reduce business risk.



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